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What Are Nosocomial Infections?

Nosocomial infections are infections are acquired in hospitals and other healthcare facilities such as dental practices and medical day centres. To be classified as a nosocomial case, the patient must have been admitted for reasons other than the infection The patient must also have shown no signs of active or incubating infection. 

These infections occur:

- up to 48 hours after hospital admission
- up to 3 days after discharge
- up to 30 days after an operation
- in a healthcare facility when a patient was admitted for reasons other than the infection

The biggest concern for all dental and medical facilities should be the Nosocomial Infected Patient, above all else. 

The contraction of the common cold can be used as a case against a dental or medical practice, and even in the hospital environment. It is imperative that all practices and hospitals have the right system in place to provide scientific evidence (through the appropriate monitoring devices), of instruments with a sterility assurance level (SAL).