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NCA ANZ Pty. Ltd.

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Web Store

R45L - R4+ Anti-Bacterial Disinfectant


***All dental sales please contact Healthware Australia on 1300 542 546*****

Using the latest technology in chemical manufacturing, NCA have created a surface disinfectant right here in our laboratories in Sydney, that can deactivate bacteria within seconds. R4+ uses chemical preservation that allows the chemical compounds responsible for denaturing bacteria, to last for long periods on surfaces, preventing bacterial growth. 

With no dilution required, R4+ is Non-Toxic, no acidic aerobic effects or nasal disruption, safe to use on all hard surfaces including leather and vinyl, the R4+ is a revolutionary, deactivating disinfectant that is a step ahead of the rest. 

Bring your facility up to standard and protect both your staff, patients, customers and surfaces. 

NOTE: This product has NOT been tested against COVID-19, therefore must be treated as such, that its effects against the virus is currently unknown. 

A full range of disinfectants that have undergone testing can be found at:

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